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Mesto Compression Sprayer 5L
Mesto Compression Sprayer 5L
was R799.00
now R699.00
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  • Manufacturing for the Construction Industry for over 30 years
  • Kusile Power Station
  • Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium
  • The Zone Shopping Centre
  • Manufacturing the Largest Product Range
  • Joluka Building
Manufacturing for the Construction Industry for over 30 years1 Kusile Power Station2 Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium3 The Zone Shopping Centre4 Manufacturing the Largest Product Range5 Joluka - Head Office6
Introduction to Joluka - Manufacturer of Chair Spacers, Circular Spacers, Corner Fillets, Ferrule Tubing, Wall Ties
Joluka is South Africa's largest manufacturer of specialised products for the construction industry. Since its inception in 1982, Joluka has been the leading manufacturer in its class, innovating and manufacturing products such as:

Reinforcing Spacers

Chair Spacer
Circular Spacer
Universal Spacer
Concrete Spacer

Formwork Accessories

Plastic Corner Fillet
Ferrule Tubing
Ferrule Cone
Shutter Button

Brick Work Supports

PWD Wall Ties
Butterfly Wall Ties
Hoop Iron

Barrier/Shade Netting

Shade Net
Plastic Barrier Net
Orange/Yellow Mesh Net
Safety Net

Halfen Product Range

Halfen Channel
Remedial Coupler
Shear Dowel System
Brickwork Systems

Construction Chemicals

Structural Grout
Repair Mortars
Curing Compound
Concrete Dressing

What's New Here?
Mesto Compression Sprayer 5L
Mesto Compression Sprayer 5L
The Mesto 3 Bar Compression Sprayer 5l with plastic tank is designed for use in ...
Joluka Universal Spacer
Joluka Universal Spacer
This popular range of spacers is used for all types of applications on site or i ...
Joluka Circular Spacer
Joluka Circular Spacer
Mainly used in vertical steel reinforcement such as walls or columns. JOLUKA ...
Joluka Chair Spacer
Joluka Chair Spacer
The Chair Spacer is used for horizontal reinforcement such as suspended slabs, b ...
Re-usable Plastic Corner Fillet. Used for chamfering corners of: beams, colum ...
Joluka Push-On Plastic Cone
Joluka Push-On Plastic Cone
To be attached to each end of Ferrule Tubing. Can easily be extracted from co ...
Plastic Ferrule Tubing
Plastic Ferrule Tubing
Plastic tubing replaces more expensive materials. Use FERRULE TUBING to facilita ...
Dampseal USB Green Underlay Sheeting
Dampseal USB Green Underlay Sheeting
Dampseal green underlay Polyethylene Sheeting is a to be laid under concrete flo ...
Shutter Oil - 25l Cans
Shutter Oil - 25l Cans
Shutter Oil ensures easy removal of shutters without damaging concrete and incre ...