Construction Chemicals

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Joluka manufactures a range of construction chemicals for different applications, for example:

  • Fairing Coat for surface imperfections.
  • Concrete Rapair Mortar for patching structural and non-structural concrete.
  • Structural Grout is used for grouting applications, where ease of placement and suitability for use under unit loads and vibrations are important.
  • Self Levelling Screed to level uneven or damaged cement floor surfaces and concrete underlays and overlays, in preparation to receive any kind of flooring.
  • Plasterbond is specifically designed as a latex admixture for use in cement compositions. It improves non-structural bond of plasters, bonds to sound PVA surfaces and is easy to use.
  • Shutter Release Agent is suitable for use as a mould-release agent for off-shutter concrete castings cured at low and high temperatures.
  • Curing Compound offers an economical method of assisting efficient concrete curing.
  • Wet to Dry Epoxy is a modified epoxy adhesive with good adhesion properties to cement, brick and steel. Provides a structural bond between wet and cured concrete and has anti corrosive properties.
  • All Purpose Epoxy bonds concrete to concrete, steel to steel, concrete to steel and also for bonding to wood, fibre glass and tiles.
  • Shutter board repair epoxy repairs wooden shutters, where a quick set is required.
  • Joint Sealant forms an elastic bond to vertical and horizontal joints. Perfect for bonding concrete, tiles, anodised aluminium and wood surfaces.

Joluka is a distributor for a.b.e. Construction Chemicals and stocks different repair mortars, structural grouts, waterproofing agents and epoxies for grouting, cracks, and anchoring.