Formwork Accessories

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Joluka stocks a wide range of Formwork Accessories, that include various corner fillets. They’re typically used for chamfering corners on beams, columns, slabs and pre-cast concrete. Our range of heavy duty Tie Rods are flexible and weldable. They have a smooth surface, therefore making it easy to tighten and loosen nuts. Our Wing Nut with Swivel Plate makes it easy to assemble tie rods by hand and protects the shutters from being damaged. Various hex nuts and plates are also available for easy assembling of shutters.
  • Joluka’s Water Barrier with Disc is used in conjunction with our heavy duty tie rods for water retaining structures, to eliminate water penetration.
  • Our Plastic Shutter Buttons are available in various sizes and are used for closing ferrule tie holes on steel and timber shutters.
  • Plastic Ferrule Tubing facilitates in recovery of expensive Thru Ties and is used in conjunction with Joluka’s Push On Cones, which forms a chamfered recess in concrete structures for ease of subsequent grouting. These Push on Cones prevent grout from penetrating into ferrule tubing during casting of concrete.
  • Our Scaffold Holder creates a hole in the concrete, on the edge of a slab that is used to insert scaffold tubing, for temporary balustrading of a concrete structure.
  • Joluka manufactures Cardboard Void Formers which are ideally used for basements in heavy soiled and similar applications. Void Formers consist of a special corrugated cardboard box, that’s wax coated on the outside, to withstand temporary moisture of concrete when casting.
  • Joluka supplies Groutex and PVC formwork tape to prevent grout loss where shutters join.
  • Jointex is manufactured in expanded Polyethylene and used for expansion or contracting joints.
  • Dampseal USB Green Plastic sheeting prevents rising of moisture, by acting as a waterproofing barrier under the concrete flooring. It is manufactured according to SABS specifications with excellent tear and puncture properties.
  • Our Joluka Column Wrap improves curing times and provides protection to surface damage.
Our wide range of Formwork Accessories is sure to offer you exactly what you require for your site.  
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