Steel Reinforcing Spacer Systems

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Browse through our Steel Reinforcing Spacer Systems range. We supply various specialized spacers to the construction industry, that are specifically designed for strength, maximum concrete flow and to prevent voids in concrete. Our range holds plastic Chair Spacers for all horizontal reinforcement, Universal Spacers for all on site or pre-cast concrete applications, and Circular Spacers for vertical reinforcements, such as walls and columns. Joluka manufactures a specially formulated Fibre Cement Spacer in various shapes and sizes for different reinforcing systems. It’s extremely cost effective, as less fibre cement spacers are used per m2 than with plastic alternatives. It binds extremely well with surrounding concrete, has minimal water absorption and is high in strength of up to 80mpa. Joluka’s Pile Cage Spacers ensure correct spacing of the steelwork from the shuttering, ensuring that the required concrete cover is maintained over the length of the pile. Pile cage spacers are circular and of high strength, to ensure smooth entry of the reinforcing cage without distortion.    
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