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Joluka Diagonal Dowel


Diamond Dowel is a proven load transfer system that allows you to achieve superior load transfer at construction joints with the original plate dowel system. Since 1997, contractors and engineers have used the Diamond Dowel® System in more than one billion square feet of concrete slabs-on-ground to deliver the durable, maintenance-free concrete flatwork customers expect.



The Joluka Diagonal Dowel is designed to achieve superior load transfer at constructions joints. Traditional round dowels that are not installed correctly and not aligned perfectly perpendicular, will restrain contraction of the slabs and cause significant cracking. The Joluka Diagonal Dowel eliminates all risk associated with traditional methods.
The shape of the Joluka Diagonal Dowel allows the slab to move horizontally in all directions without restraint. It is designed to withhold the maximum amount of bearing area adjacent to the joint where the bearing, shear and flexural stresses are the highest.

1. Spacing of JOLUKA DIAGONAL DOWELS is to be provided by design engineer.
2. Mark the form at the specified centres then screw/rivet or wire the base plate to the form. Use four number fixtures per base. Be careful to maintain proper alignment and ensure the base is parallel with the top of the form. Wire can also be used to fasten the base against steel shutters instead of screws.
3. Stake forms to correct level and line as per normal.
4. Slip the sleeve over the base and ensure that it clips firmly into place.
5. Place, consolidate and finish the concrete in the first slab. Vibrate the concrete adjacent to the form to ensure proper compaction around the sleeve. No dowels penetrate the form and there is nothing to impede the edge finishing.
6. Strip the form. The forms remove with ease if they are pulled from one end first. The base should remain attached to the form for re-use.
7. Slide the Steel Plate into the Sleeve (now cast into the first slab). The second slab can now be cast. Again vibrate the concrete adjacent to the form to ensure compaction around the JOLUKA DIAGONAL DOWEL Plate.

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114mm x 114mm x 6mm


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