Shade & Barrier Netting

Joluka supplies a range of Shade & Barrier Netting that can be branded with your company logo, with various colours to choose from. Our Shade Netting can be used to fence off building sites, as well as aids as a debris net to catch small and light parts during construction. Star Orange Fencing has high screening properties, orange in colour which makes it highly visible. It’s quick and easy to install and aids as temporary fencing on building sites, road works and to redirect traffic at schools and airports. Orange & Yellow Barrier Mesh Netting is used to demarcate dangerous areas on site/crowd and vehicle control. Drawstring for top and bottom attaching, high definition colours, UV protected, chemical resistant, easy to erect and is extremely strong. Heavy Duty Safety Nets are attached between newly erected walls and shuttering or scaffolding on high rise buildings, to catch heavy objects. Shade net can be woven into the material to catch smaller objects, such as nails. The thick safety net has a breaking strength of over 400kg per cord and is manufactured according to ISO safety regulations.
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