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Halfen Cast-In Channels, Halfen Hot Rolled Channesls, Halfen Cold Formed Channels,
Halfen Channels with Toothed Lips, Halfen Shear Dowel System


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Introducing The Joluka Protective Range

Introducing The Joluka Protective Range

In response to regulation and demands brought about from the Covid-19 pandemic, Joluka has innovated a range of Cost-Effective and Unique Face Shields, Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser specifically suited to the construction and mining industry. From Face Shields that...

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Joluka is now official Distributor for ABE Products

Joluka is now official Distributor for ABE Products

Joluka is now an official Distributor for ABE Construction Chemicals. Joluka is well-positioned to distribute the ABE Product Range throughout Gauteng due a sound delivery infrastructure and an expansive client base. The proud partnership between the two companies was...

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Joluka has been a reliable manufacturer of quality products for the last three decades. We commend them for their excellent service and dedication to the construction industry.
WBHO Construction

Joluka has been instrumental in allowing us to finish projects on time and within budget by supplying us with quality construction materials at the correct prices.
Murray & Roberts

Joluka is one of our oldest, most trusted suppliers. We can rely on them for excellent service, fast delivery times and consistent product quality. They come highly recommended.
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